6 February 2012

A solid investment plan to support Faral brand

Sira Industries S.p.A. has started an impressive relaunch plan of Faral brand with a first substantial budget to improve the production performances of the manufacturing plant in Campogalliano.

 5,5 € millions were invested in this first phase mainly in die-casting machinery, processing machinery and new molds.The primary objective was to restore the quality standards of a leading brand like FARAL. At the same time, we have restored a conspicuous stock of goods in order to satisfy client’s requests for short lead time. A second tranche of 3.3 € millions will be invested in 2012 in a project to renew the product range and in R & D, with the intent to expand the business opportunities. "The goal is to bring Faral turnover to 25 millions in 2012, with prospects up to 50 millions" said Mr. Valerio Gruppioni , President of Sira Industrie SpA, while illustrating the guidelines of this forward-looking relaunch plan.