Advantages of faral heating systems

Easier installation

The first benefit that comes from the use of FARAL aluminum radiators is certainly the ease of installation for installers. Firstly, because aluminum is a lightweight material, and therefore more manageable. Secondly, because radiators are supplied as assembled compositions or anyhow ready to be assembled locally to the desired length.

More warranties for the client

All FARAL products are accompanied by numerous quality certifications that guarantee a long life at full efficiency and reliability, as shown also by 50 years of experience of the first manufacturer in the world.

More energy savings

Due to the unique characteristics of aluminum having a low thermal inertia, a heating system with FARAL radiators keeps a low energy consumption to the benefit of the environment and cost savings. Unlike a floor heating system, a system of aluminum radiators is suitable to each room of the house and easily controlling the desired temperature means also being able to manage your energy savings. With this type of installation you can choose not to heat up certain rooms or not to heat them in a specific time range: in all cases, when the system is switched on, the temperature reaches the desired level in a very short time.

More indoor comfort

The management of the ideal temperature is always a little subjective and related to the different moments of the day. In this sense FARAL radiators provide maximum comfort so that each person can adjust the temperature in his own room as desired.

Operation with water at low temperatures

Choosing FARAL aluminum radiators enables to comply with the European directive in terms of building insulation which requires a reduction of the heat demand. Without having to reduce the size of the radiator is, in fact, possible to lower the temperature of the project: all FARAL radiators have a low thermal inertia and can be installed in combination of a standard condensing boiler, a gas, oil, wood or pellet boiler that operate at low temperature, or even with heat pumps.